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Traveller® and Cosmographer 3

Cosmographer 3 has been approved for use with Marc W. Miller's Traveller® roleplaying game and comes with numerous templates and examples for your mapping needs in the universe of the Third Imperium and other Traveller settings.

Starship Deckplans

Besides using the standard bitmap and vector deckplans, Traveller players can also utilize the specific deckplan templates and style for their game. Cosmo 3 comes with fixed templates for small ships - that can quickly be individualized for custom ships - as well as adjustable templates for any size of ship.

Traveller versions

Galactic Maps

Cosmo 3 comes with a beautiful overview map of Charted Space. It's style can easily be used to create similar maps for alternative areas of space.

Sector and Subscector Maps

Of course no Traveller game can be complete without maps of sectors and subsectors. Besides numerous example maps, Cosmo 3 allows to automatically import sector data from online sources ( to create sector maps on the fly.

World Maps

Cosmo 3 includes templates for Traveller's icosahedral world maps at different sizes. These can be used to create either satellite-imagery maps - based on hex symbols or standard CC3 drawing tools - or more abstract terrain maps for the GM's reference.

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Cosmographer 3 Examples

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