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Extra-stunning Floorplans for Your Game

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Whether you are delving dungeons or fitting out inns, Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans will give an attractive new look to your campaign that will amaze your players. Fantasy Floorplans expands CC3+ with over 2500 amazing new symbols in four distinctive styles.

Every new symbol is a mini-masterpiece, created by renowned artists. And although they took our experts thousands of hours to create, you can add them to your maps in seconds. So whatever your design skill, your floorplans can be stunning works of art. There are bitmap and vector, fantasy and hand-drawn styles of furnishings, fixtures, traps, treasure and sundry items - everything you need to design great floorplans. We give you 150 monsters and characters; ideal for counters and encounters.

The styles range from photo-realistic to handdrawn, making everything possible from high-detail battlemaps to beautiful player handouts. Whichever you use, they'll help you make impressive and exciting maps.

SS2 Example Download a large scale pdf example map (4.5MB) to see the beauty of SS2's bitmap symbols.

Symbol design by Peter Gifford, Sean Mcdondald, James Miller, Ralph Horsley and Sarah Wroot.

Take the floor with Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans!

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