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A selection of urban sprawls

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Whether you want to sneak through dank alleyways, offload loot in a bustling market, or simply take in the grandeur and intrigue of the big city that you crave, Source Maps: Cities will kindle your imagination.

From the splendor of ancient Babylon to the squalor of medieval York, SM:Cities gives you the magic of eight fully-mapped cities and more than 70 urban floorplans, from immense temple complexes to Viking halls and longboats.

With detailed city plans, 3d views and numerous floor plans, plus extensive yet richly-detailed historical and adventure material, this is an unparalleled resource for game masters and historians alike.

Finally, if you have our Campaign Cartographer 3 map making software, SM:Cities adds new tools to help you create more villages, towns and cities, or change the ones in this Source Maps collection. The tools include a selection of symbols, templates and powerful new drawing tools to create stylish settlements of your own.

If you are interested in the whole range of Source Maps products, it is available as bundle with 15% savings!

Bring the past to life with Source Maps: Cities!

SM: Cities screenshots