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Symbols of Distinction

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CC3+ maps look great, but you might want even more choice. Something to make your maps really stand out and your players really sit up. Welcome to Symbol Set 1: Fantasy Overland.

ProFantasy's Symbol Set 1, Fantasy Overland, adds four fabulous new symbol styles to CC3. There are more than 2,500 new symbols in SS1, each one painstakingly crafted by expert fantasy artists. And their pain is your benefit. A symbol that took hours to create can be added to a map in moments. With these new Fantasy Overland symbols you can make the most beautiful, distinctive CC3+ maps yet.

You use these symbols exactly like any other CC3+ symbol - pick one from the onscreen symbol catalog and click to place it anywhere. Smart symbols help you create a natural, organic look, automatically adding slight random variation as you place them.

SS1 Example Download a large scale pdf example map (3MB) to see the beauty of SS1's bitmap symbols.

Symbol design by Sean Mcdonald, Peter Gifford, Ralph Horsley and Sarah Wroot.

Create the most beautiful, distinctive CC3+ maps yet!

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