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Fantastic maps for modern gamers

You're setting the scene for your players: a busy modern city street, crowded with buildings of every kind, traffic on the road, people bustling past, the smell of exhaust fumes and fast food... "This is all very well", say the players, "But what's the actual geography of the street? If we're going to break into that bank, we need to know the layout!"

You reach for your map, and lay before them an eagle's-eye view of the street, decorated with a multitude of perfectly crafted symbols, showing vehicles, food stalls, statues, trees, even the fire hydrants! Suddenly everything is crystal clear to the players, except for one thing: "Look at the detail! Where did you get all these fantastic symbols?"

With Symbol Set 3, this can be your gaming experience. Stun your players with the lush detail and vivid realism that only comes from a set of over 2000 lovingly crafted modern overland and floorplan symbols for Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus.

Symbol Set 3 also includes more than 50 new bitmap textures, more than 100 new drawing tools, and six unique drawing styles in imperial and metric dimensions.

Bring your modern worlds to life with
Symbol Set 3: Modern Symbols

Symbol Set 3 Examples

Floorplan Style B Floorplan Style B Floorplan Style A Overland Political Overland Ordnance Survey