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This small box contains everything from galaxies to starships!

Ever struggled to make maps for your sci-fi game, patching together scans from here, art from there? And what happened when you wanted to change something? Did your warp core melt down?

With Cosmographer 3, you can add computer-aided cartography to your sci-fi game and create ships, solar systems, worlds and whole galaxies like never before. You get easy to use drawing tools, textures and a palette of several thousand symbols in multiple styles to construct SF cartography, for any game system. Hide and show whatever features you want, with optional hex or grid overlays, then print at any scale.

The latest version of Cosmographer adds gorgeous bitmap artwork to an huge variety of symbols. Use sheet effect to make your stars shine bright and the engines glow hot. Add visualized z-coordinates to your starmaps to extend your universe into the third dimension.

Cosmographer 3 is an add-on to Campaign Cartographer 3.

With Cosmographer 3, you control the cosmos.

Cosmographer 3 Examples

Deckplans Sectors Planets Starports Galaxies