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Key information

System Requirements

A working installation of Campaign Cartographer 3

400Mb of hard drive space


Cosmographer 3 includes new templates, map styles, drawing tools, textures, and several thousand symbols to create and detail galactic, sector, system, planetary, regional, starport and starship plans for any game set in space.

Starship Deckplans

  • Automatically create multideck starship drawings, all linked together, in a choice of styles.
  • Draw one side of a hull with straight and curved elements, and see it mirrored in real time.
  • Lay out corridors, pipes and similar stuctures with perfect corners and angles using connecting symbols.


Solar Systems

World and Surface Maps

Cosmographer and Traveller® support

Cosmographer has been approved for use with Traveller® and comes with numerous templates and examples for your mapping needs in the universe of the Third Imperium and other Traveller settings. Best of all, you can import Traveller system data into Cosmographer 3 templates and create maps of your favorite sectors with just a few mouse clicks.

Thousands of symbols

Cosmographer 3 provides a huge number of vector and bitmap symbols for use in a large variety of maps. The following is a selection of available catalogs:

Weapon Symbols


  • Passageways
  • Up and down
  • Wall features
  • Command stations
  • Engineering
  • Weapons
  • Pipes and cables
  • Furniture
  • Medical
  • Cargo
  • Personal items
  • Deckplan geomorphs
Star Symbols

System, Sectors and Galaxies

  • Star (as normal and 3d symbols)
  • Planets (as normal and 3d symbols)
  • Traveller Sector Data
  • Stellar-classification
  • Starship counters
  • Cosmic bodies

Example Hex Symbols

Planetary and Regional

  • Overland hex painter
  • Overland detail
  • Transport networks
  • Vehicles
  • Buildings
  • Building frills
  • Hazards

The download and boxed versions both include:

  • Instant download of Cosmographer 3
  • The Cosmographer Essentials booklet in Adobe PDF format (upcoming)
  • Entitlement to download free update packs from the web
  • 90 days web-based technical support

The boxed version also includes:

  • Cosmographer Essentials Guide (hard copy)
  • Cosmographer CD-ROM

Cosmographer 3 Examples

Deckplans Sectors Planets Starports Galaxies