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What's New In Cosmographer 3?

If you have a previous version of Cosmographer, you can find out what this new version includes here.

Cosmographer 3 is a step-change from Cosmographer Pro. Not only are the plans you can create more attractive and detailed than ever before, but the the variety of styles and types of plans is spectacular. It's packed with additional examples and other content.

Summary of New Features

Map Types New to Cosmographer 3


  • Automatically create multideck starship drawings, all linked together, in a choice of styles.
  • Draw one side of a hull with straight and curved elements, and see it mirrored in real time.
  • Choose from two new styles for deckplans - bitmap and Traveller with many new symbols and drawing tools.

Other Map Styles

Traveller Hex Satellite Map

Traveller® Support

Cosmographer 3 has been approved for use with Traveller® and comes with numerous templates and examples for your mapping needs in the universe of the Third Imperium and other Traveller settings. Best of all, you can import Traveller system data into Cosmographer 3 templates and create maps of your favorite sectors with just a few mouse clicks.

Cosmographer 3 Examples

Deckplans Sectors Planets Starports Galaxies