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Temples, Tombs & Catacombs

A repository of sacred sites

Pack shot Whether your priest needs a home, your vampire needs a crypt, or you just find sacred sites fascinating, Source Maps: Temples, Tombs and Catacombs is what you need to fire your imagination.

From the majestic Great Pyramid to the prehistoric megaliths of Stonehenge, SM:TTC gives you twenty five of the finest sacred sites you'll find anywhere.

With detailed floor plans, 3D views and surroundings, plus incredible historical and adventure material, this is an unparalleled resource for game masters and historians.

Finally, if you have our CC3 map making software, SM:TTC adds new tools to help you create more sacred sites, or change the ones included here. The tools include a selection of symbols, templates and powerful new drawing tools to create stylish sites of your own.

Bring the past to life with Temples, Tombs and Catacombs!