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Temples, Tombs & Catacombs

David Bills, Toronto, Canada, 27 August 04

I just purchased the new Source Maps: Castles! and I wanted to make sure you all knew what I thought -- it is GREAT. I bought the download and was able to enjoy it right away -- which was really good. I love downloads like this.

I thought the selection very good -- and the fact that I don't need the full CC3 version to make use of the AMAZING utility.

Best thing about it is the selection and variety of castles -- well designed realistic castles -- at a reasonable cost. I run Dungeons & Dragons games and these castles are going to fit in perfect. I also liked the 3D views and area maps -- which you don't often see with other supplements of this sort. I like details. And SM:C provides details -- many realistic details -- which is great. Will go a long way in my campaigns!

I really hope that ProFantasy is planning on a Castles 2. This is a great product.

Anna M Dobritt, 30 July 04

Finished downloading Castles! Source Maps today and I'm very impressed by what can be done with it.

Ralf, instead of sacrificing goats, I will sacrifice a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a cheesecake on the altar of the Mapping God. :)

The 3d views of the castles are absolutely amazing and giving me all sorts of neat ideas. But other work must come first, before I can start exploring those ideas.

ProFantasy and Ralf, you have outdone yourselves with this latest product.

Sheldon Erickson, aka Latharion, 30 July 04

I just bought this product, and I was really impressed with the detail of these maps! I also love the added historical references and pictures. This is a really interesting product. I look forward to making some new fantasy castles with the added tools as well.