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The overland symbol set contains four symbol styles, two with bitmap symbols (new for CC3) and two with vector symbols (already contained in SS1 for CC2 Pro). Three of them come in a variety of substyles: standard, varicolor, outline only, and multi-sheet. Combined with CC3's existing overland style you can select from an amazing fourteen different map making styles.

SS1 is easy to use and integrates with your existing CC3 styles. Pick a new SS1 starting template and map-making style, and CC3's drawing tools make it easy to add the right background elements. The new symbols are now just a mouse click away.

System requirements:

  • A licensed, working install of CC3
  • 250 MB hard disk space

Package contents:

  • Symbol Set 1 - Fantasy Overland CD-ROM (boxed version only)
  • 90 days web-based technical support

SS1 Screenshots

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