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Fantasy Floorplans key information

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The floorplan symbol set contains four symbol styles, two with bitmap symbols and two with vector symbols. Two of them come in a variety of substyles: standard, varicolor, outline only, and multi-sheet. Combined with DD3's existing floorplan styles you can select from an amazing fourteen different map-making styles.

SS2 is easy to use and integrates with your existing DD3 styles. Pick a new SS2 starting template and map-making style, and CC3+'s and DD3's drawing tools make it easy to add the right background elements. The new symbols are now just a mouse click away.

System requirements:

  • A licensed, working install of CC3 or CC3+ (DD3 is recommended, but not necessary)
  • 650 MB hard disk space

Package contents:

  • Symbol Set 2 - Fantasy Floorplans CD-ROM (boxed version only)
  • 90 days web-based technical support

SS2 Screenshots

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