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This small box contains everything from galaxies to starships!

"Engineer, in one hour I need a complete systems, weapons and internal layout for that ship."

"But Captain! That would take a miracle!”

A short while later ... "Captain, here are the plans you requested—views of every system and deck. I took the liberty of adding planetary, starport and sector maps too."

"A miracle?"

"Well Sir, not exactly. Cosmographer."

Ever struggled to make maps for your sci-fi game, patching together scans from here, art from there? And what happened when you wanted to change something? Did your warp core melt down?

With Cosmographer Pro, you can add computer-aided cartography to your sci-fi game and create ships and worlds like never before. You get easy new drawing tools, textures and a palette of several thousand symbols to rapidly construct ships for any game system.

Hide and show whatever features you want, with optional hex or grid overlays, then print at any scale. From one map you can print a one-page overview, a miniatures battlemat, or a deck-by-deck blueprint.

Produce sector and subsector maps with routes, data, and a choice of more than 100 cosmic bodies and 50 spacecraft. Then touch down with planetary maps and bustling space-ports.

Cosmographer Pro.
The cosmic add-on for CC3.

Cosmographer Examples

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