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The Cartographer's Annual

Free Annual Sampler

We've put together a collection of free Annual issues that have been released over the years fully updated for CC3+. You can download them to get an idea of what the Cartographer's Annual is about and what kind of resouces it offers:

Jon Roberts Dungeon Example

Sampler Content

April 2007

The style pack Sarah Wroot Overland gives you all the tools to create maps similar to the work of master illustrator and cartographer Sarah Wroot.

September 2008

The map pack "Battle Maps" contains several examples, templates and instructions on how to create your own miniatures map for your gaming table.

December 2009

The December special issue contains a tutorial pack on creating quick and easy geomorphic Battles Tiles, complete with video tutorials by Joseph Sweeney.

July 2010

The style pack Overland Hex Maps gives you the winning entry of the 2010 user sugestions vote.

June 2011

The style pack Jon Roberts' Dungeons contains a new drawing style for dungeon floorplans and battlemaps.

July 2012

The symbol and texture pack High Space SciFi Tiles contains hundreds of new textures and symbol, accompanied by video tutorials by Joseph Sweeney.

Watch Joseph Sweeney Online Tutorials on YouTube.

November 2013

The CC3 Hex style has been incoprated into CC3+ already, but this free issue contains additional examlpes, and a mapping guide that takes you through the mapping process and shows you how to integrate existing CC3 symbols into its hex maps.

December 2014

The Village Barm is a ready to print paper model building created by Joachim de Ravenbel with the Krom Village Diorama resources of the Annual 2014.

December 2015

This follow-up from the "Deluxe Battle Maps" set of December 2015, and includes six, highly detailed battle maps created with the techniques described in that issue's mapping guide. All of them have been professionally produced for Pelgrane Press' Battle Scenes source books by Ralf Schemmann and come both in CC3+'s own format and as high-resolution PNG bitmap files.

Annual Screenshots

Annual Thumbnail 1 Annual Thumbnail 2 Annual Thumbnail 3 Annual Thumbnail 4

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