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The Cartographer's Annual

Premium Creative Content

About the Annual

Mercator Style, Annual Vol 1 We offer a monthly subscription called the Cartographer's Annual. Each month, subscribers get a mini add-on to CC3+. It might be a new drawing style, a new set of symbols, a collection of maps, or set of tools to tackle a specific drawing type. Each issue is accompanied by a detailed mapping guide that explains the techniques used, effectively providing a series of tutorials on a huge range of topics. Previous years' collections are bundled together in volumes. Try our free sampler to get an idea of what you'll get:


John Speed City, Annual Vol 1 By subscribing to the current Annual, you get immediate access to each monthly issue of the current year - as they are released, or retro-actively, if you subscribe later in the year. You also get access to the Laboratory, where we occasionally release beta commands or previews of upcoming products for the Annual subscribers.

Previous Years' Volumes

After a current year's Annual is through, we release it as a full product with all twelve issues bundled into a single download or box. This version is then available both on our website and in retail stores. The subscription version is only available through our webstore.

User Reactions

Star System Style, Annual Vol 2 Feedback by CC3+ users on the Annual has been enthusiastic to say the least. You can view some of the comments we got, on the Annual Feedback page. We are commited to continually providing the high-quality content released in the first four years.

Kobold Quarterly Interview

The Dungeons & Dragons magazine Kobold Quarterly interviewed Ralf Schemmann - responsible for most of the content of the Cartographer's Annual - on map-making and fantasy cartography. In it Ralf talks quite a bit about the Annual. You can read the interview online at the KQ website.

Annual Screenshots

Annual Thumbnail 1 Annual Thumbnail 2 Annual Thumbnail 3 Annual Thumbnail 4

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