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Fractal Terrains 3


For the fastest world generation, simply click the Next World icon. A fractal-filled moment later, FT Pro delivers you an entire world - complete with climate, rainfall and temperature zones. Not the world you imagined? No problem, just click the icon again, and again, and again. Then export that world as an image, animation, icosahedral, to Google Earth or CC3+.

But with FT3 you can be even more god-like. Starting from a random world, real-Earth data, or a flat plain if you prefer, you can "paint" altitude or climate adjustments to suit your whim. You can raise mountains from nothing and consign entire continents to the deep. FT3 applies its fractal magic with deft realism, requiring minimum artistic skill from you. You can even create scripts to automate your tasks.

If that's not enough, you can get right into the FT3 world editings tools to adjust coloration, percentage water, land sizes, maximum and minimum heights, world circumference, axis inclination, roughness, and more. Add background images, even transparencies to create cloud cover and other effects. Import height maps from other software, and smooth them to perfection.

You have complete control over your view of the world. You can rotate to any point and zoom in to any level of detail. FT Pro can display the world in any of 24 map projections, including Mercator, Gnomonic, Mollweide and Orthographic, or create your own. To help navigation you can apply a number of grids to the surface, with lines of longitude and latitude spaced to your preference.

FT3 works stand-alone, or as an add-on to CC3+. If you've got CC3+, you can export a single map of your whole creation, or multiple map tiles of increasing detail. The maps are linked with clickable hotspots, allowing you to create an in depth atlas-style in one fell stroke.

System requirements

  • Windows® XP or better
  • 16bit+ colour
  • 128MB RAM
  • 450MB hard drive space
  • CD-Rom drive (Boxed-version only)

The power to shape worlds will be in your hands

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