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Campaign Cartographer 3

Upgrade & Crossgrades

CC3 ack shot

The CC3 Upgrade

The CC3 upgrade from CC2 Pro is a full version of Campaign Cartographer 3. It also includes free entitlement to compatibility updates to our add-on products. Users of earlier CC2 versions can get an upgrade with the same free compatiblity updates for their add-ons but there is no price reduction.

CC3 with CC2-Pro add-ons

We have published compatibility updates for Dungeon Designer Pro, City Designer Pro and the three Symbols Sets (Fantasy Overland, Fantasy Floorplans and Modern). These updates, which are downloadable from the product registration pages, allow the version 2 add-on to work within CC3.

Cosmographer Pro, Perspectives Pro and Character Artist Pro are not directly compatible with CC3. To use these add-ons you will need to keep your existing CC2-Pro installation. You can, however, export from CC2 Pro to CC3 to add special effects and use other CC3 features but it is a one-way process.

Does not include upgrades for add-ons

The compatibility updates allows previous add-ons to work within CC3 but does not upgrade those add-ons to include their new version 3 features and high-resolution artwork. Upgrades for add-ons (City Designer 3, Dungeon Designer 3, Cosmographer 3, Symbol Set 1 and Symbol Set 2) are separate items, available from the registration area.


  • The CC3 Upgrade for CC2 Pro users is $36.95 in the US and Canada, £24.95 elswhere.
  • The DD3 Art Upgrade is $31.95 in the US and Canada, £22.35 elswhere.

Getting Upgrades

The upgrade is a full working version of Campaign Cartographer 3. If you have registered your CC2 or CC2 Pro on our website, you'll be able to order the upgrade and get a new serial number.

To buy the new version

  1. Go to your registration page and login. If you haven't registered, please do so.
  2. Add your CC2 or CC2 Pro as a registered product, if you haven't already. Add DD2 or DD Pro if you want the DD3 Art upgrade.
  3. You will see links on the right of the page to order the upgrade.
  4. If you want both the CC3 Up and the DD3 Art Upgrade, you'll need to add one to the cart, then select "Continue Shopping" option on the cart page, then add the other.

If you have any questions, or need help, email Nigel.

Dundjinni and Fractal Mapper 7/8 Crossgrade

If you've got Dundjinni or Fractal Mapper 7 or 8, you can get a reduced-price version of CC3 for a limited time.

How the Crossgrade Works

The crossgrade is a full working version of Campaign Cartographer 3. You don't have to uninstall or stop using your existing software (Dundjinni and/or Fractal Mapper). In fact, you will find that the new art installs automatically for Dundjinni and Fractal Mapper 7/8, so you are getting hundreds of symbols for use with your current software, plus a complete copy of CC3.

CC3 Crossgrade Pricing

The crossgrade is available at a $5.00/£2.00 discount from the full version price.

Ordering the Crossgrade

Go to the order page to select your version and buy it.

CC3 fantasy map, pastel style CC3 hex map CC3 RPG map CC3 game map