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Icons improved to be larger on high resolution displays.

Campaign Cartographer 3+ is faster, easier to use and creates more attractive maps than ever before.

Was is CC3+?: CC3+ is the next generation of our map-making software. It runs more than twice as fast, and it's easier to use, too, so your cartographic vision will be more quickly realised. It's more thoroughly tested than anything we've ever released. There's a new style by Dungeons and Dragons cartographer Mike Schley, a wide array of Photoshop-style effects, and easy-to-used drawing tools for terrains features. We offer solid customer support a refund guarantee, an amazing community and we've been in business for more than 20 years, so you can rely on us.

Style: Award-winning cartographer Mike Schley provides you with a complete new attractive map-making style with a host of new symbols and tools. Nothing new to learn, just better looking maps. Symbols by award-winning cartographer Mike Schley

Effects: You asked for PhotoShop-style effects, now you have them. With faster, better, streamlined and consistent filters your maps will look better than ever before. You can test your effects on the drawing before applying them. And, again, CC3+ is doing the work. With faster, better filters your maps will look better than ever before.

Speed: CC3+ runs twice as fast as CC3 with effects off. With effects on it's even more. A combination of hardware optimisation,  and eldritch programming sorcery means more map-making, less waiting - simple as that.  On most machines, you can use CC3+ with effects on, all the time. CC3+ is twice as fast as CC3 with effects off. Faster still with effects on.

Ease: A context-sensitive floating cursor lets you know what CC3+ is thinking. Attractive, larger icons suit modern systems. The Print Wizard makes it easy to export your maps at any scale, tiled across paper . CC3+ gives you better and cleverer editing, clearer icons, and improved export. Streamlined interface.

Integration: CC3 improves and simplifies the map-making process. It puts roads, rivers, symbols and other map-making tools up front and center right where you need them. Whichever map making style you choose, the tools you need will appear, visually, and ready to go. Tools and symbols picked visually.

Clarity: We've fixed bugs, plugged holes and cleaned up the interface. CC3+ is Windows 8 able, and it's cleaner on the inside and outside.