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Campaign Cartographer 3

CC3 for Fractal Mapper 7, 8 and Dundjinni Users

CC3 pack shot

If you use NBOS's Fractal Mapper or Dundjinni Enterprises's Dundjinni, you can get Campaign Cartographer 3 at a discount. As well as CC3 itself, you'll be able to use CC3's gorgeous symbol art within your existing map making software.

Art for All

In the past Campaign Cartographer did not support bitmap artwork with transparencies. Now it does.

We have nothing but respect for the NBOS community and developers; we sell one of their products and have done joint development work with them. The same goes for the excellent Dundjinni community and we've had the pleasure of working with some of the top Dundjinni artists during our beta test. The CSUAC user-contributed art pack has even been converted to use with CC3.

So, as well as being able to use CC3 and work with CC3 maps, we offer Fractal Mapper 7, 8 and Dundjinni users:

Superb, reasonably priced artwork, licensed for most commercial use

Symbol ExamplesCC3 has more than 300 beautiful overland symbols with variations plus textures to give you the tools you need to make overland maps. It also includes 30 dungeon symbols. The City Designer 3, Dungeon Designer 3 and Cosmographer 3 add-ons include more superb bitmap artwork, again at reasonable prices, to expand your map-making, whatever software you use.

Simple access to the art

If CC3's installation detects Fractal Mapper 7, 8 or Dundjinni, it installs the artwork in a convenient subfolder. As long as you've got a licensed copy of CC3 on your system, you can use our artwork in any software. And just because you are using Fractal Mapper 7, 8 or Dundjinni with the CC3 artwork, it doesn't stop you using CC3 if you want to try it!

The CC3 Demon Makes an Offer You Can't Refuse

Butcher DemonIf you have Fractal Mapper 7, 8 or Dundjinni you can get a crossgrade discount of $5 from the full price of CC3, which is $44.95. Even if you only want the symbols this is great value, and you get CC3 too. For more details see Upgrade & Crossgrades.

CC3 fantasy map, pastel style CC3 hex map CC3 RPG map CC3 game map