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An add-on software, (e.g. City Designer) can't find CC3



The add-on installer is not able to continue because it says CC3 needs to be installed.


First, start CC3 and save the file that comes up, then exit CC3. Now try installing the add-on. If this does not correct the problem do the following:

1) Do Windows >> Start >> Run - type regedit into the box & then click ok
2) Click on My Computer in the left panel, then File Menu >> Export to save a copy of your Registry. Do not proceed unless you have completed this step!
3) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EvolutionComputing\CampaignCartographer3\AppPath
4) In the right hand panel look at what value is in AppPath � this should be something like C:\Program Files\CC3 or whatever your actual path is. If it is not there or if it is different than where CC3 actually is, then right click on AppPath & change the path to where CC3 is. Make sure you spell everything correctly!
5) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EvolutionComputing\CampaignCartographer3\SerialNum (not SerialNR which is FCW-5000-50000 & needs to be there)
6) Verify that the number in this key (in the right panel) is your CC3 serial number, if it is not your serial number or if that key is missing you need to add your serial number. To add a new key, right click in the right hand panel, then choose New >> String Value. Name it SerialNum, then input your serial number - no leading or training spaces & put the dashes in as well. If the key is there but no serial number in it you should be able to just right click on the key & input the serial number.
7) Run the add-on installer again.

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