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Can't see the text



I've just typed in some text on the map but I can not find it. Where is my text?


Check to make sure the size of the text is large enough for the size of the map. For a city or dungeon map try setting the text to 10, for an overland map set it to 50.

Also check the color for the text. White text on a white background will not be visible.

Is the layer you're trying to put the text on frozen? This can happen if you use Keep or Like on an entity on a frozen layer. The layer becomes current but doesn't unfreeze. To fix it, double click on the Layer indicator and uncheck the 'H' box next to the current layer.

Make sure you have selected both the TEXT layer and the TEXT sheet prior to placing the text. You may have inadvertently added the text to a sheet that is set to draw above the text. In this case it is necessary to move the text to the TEXT sheet.

To quickly move all text in a map to the TEXT sheet, do the following:

1) Click on the Sheets and Effects button to make sure that the TEXT sheet is present in the map. If not, create a new sheet, name it TEXT and place it towards the bottom of the sheet list to ensure the text will be visible above other map elements.
2) Right click on the Effects icon and select "Move to sheet."
3) Select all your text either by clicking on the labels or by selecting All and then by entity type (2D Text).
4) When done selecting, right click to accept, and select the TEXT sheet in the next dialog box.

Finally, in earlier versions of CC3, text was placed on the current sheet by default and not automatically on the TEXT sheet. If the current sheet was one that was lower in the drawing order, this would make it seem like the text disappeared. Make sure you have the latest version installed, which can be downloaded from your registration page.

For more information, take a look at the Text entry in the Online Help pages.

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