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CC3 with Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 Installation



This page covers installing CC3 under Vista, Windows 7, 8
and 10 Installation.


  1. Make sure that you have not disabled UAC (user account control). Doing this can cause problems for CC3 installations. If you prefer to work with UAC disabled, enable it for the duration of the CC3 install and its add-ons.

  2. Right click on CC3Setup.exe and choose Run as Administrator (don't just use an Admin account).

  3. After installation is complete, start CC3, save the file that comes up, then exit.

  4. Install DD3, right click on setup & choose the Administrator option.

  5. If you encounter an error message telling you that you need .NET Framework installed, follow the instructions in this tech support topic, before returning here.

  6. Install SS1v3, SS2v3, City Designer 3, Cosmogapher 3, any Annual Volumes and SM: Cities! - again do the Administrator thing for each one

  7. Install any compatibility updates for older add-ons (Character Artist Pro, Dioramas Pro, Perspectives Pro, SS3 Modern, SM: Castles! and SM: Temples,...! - again with Run as Administrator.

  8. Install the current year's Annual issues, using the Administrator option.

  9. Install the Tome or WWII Atlas into their own, separate folders

  10. Download and install the latest update to CC3. It is available from your registration page. Do the Administrator thing!

Some users have also reported problems if CC3 is run in XP compatibility mode under Vista, so if you are experiencing problems after applying a patch or installing, check that this isn't the case.

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