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ProFantasy In Transition

Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus is out and we are working to update all our add-ons, symbol sets and source maps collections to make them compatible with CC3+. While not all of the updates are done yet, we provide a copy of CC3 3.43 with all purchases of CC3+. CC3 and CC3+ can be run side by side on the same computer, enabling you to install the older add-ons with CC3 and switch between them as needed.

Compatible and Upgraded

These products have been updated to work with CC3+

Not yet compatible with CC3+

These products require CC3 at the moment, but will be updated to work with CC3+. This will be done in the following order (subject to change).

Designed for CC3+

These products are designed for CC3+ and do require it.

No update required

These titles are standalone products and do not require updates to work with CC3+.