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New in Dioramas 3

  • Two new bitmap drawings styles in addition to the updated vector style.
  • 275 new bitmap textures (compared to 22 in Dioramas Pro)
  • 700 bitmap symbols of doors, windows and other wall features
  • Loading/saving of diorama panel settings (no more setting them up for each new panel)
  • Sheet support for Dioramas tools

Dioramas 3 Features

  • 700 bitmap and 194 vector frill symbols depicting wall features and other accessories.
  • 51 pre-drawn diorama symbols, including ready to build tables, chairs, trees, and other furnishings.
  • 297 new bitmap fill styles for stonework, walls, floors, vegetation, etc.
  • 71 symbol fill styles for roofs, floors, stonework, wood, etc. at a number of different angles.
  • Intelligent drawing commands for drawing panels, cut lines, glue tabs, etc.
  • Innovative templates containing printing and drawing management controls.
  • Extensive help and examples that take you through every step of the DIO3, from the first line drawn, through to the last application of glue. Includes discussion of 3D modelling methods to helping you create your own wonders.
  • Pre-drawn dioramas and geomorph pieces to get you up and running in minutes. Templates are provided for each example, allowing you to fully customize them.
  • Compatible with the other CC3+ add-ons for even greater variety.
Village Diorama BridgeDiorama Building sheet