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An Introduction to our Software

Map by Allyn

About Us

ProFantasy Software Ltd was established by two roleplaying gamers in 1993. We are the creators of the industry-standard map-making software in the tabletop roleplaying and wargaming field. We developed the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas and Campaign Mapper for Wizards of the Coast, and continue to develop our line of software with the release of Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus. We have sold over 200,000 licenses to date.

Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus

Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus is ProFantasy Software's flagship map-making software. CC3+ gives you everything you need to create great maps for games, books and publishing. There are symbols and tools for overland maps from all ages, buildings, floorplans, heraldry, and many other uses. CC3+, on its own, lets you create more and better maps, more quickly, than any comparable software. You can quickly create very attractive maps with effects usually found only in high-end graphics programs, and publish them commercially.

CC3+ Add-Ons - Dedicated Mapping Power

We also produce expansions for CC3+ called add-ons. They do not work without CC3+. Add-ons furnish CC3+ with new tools for a dedicated purpose. Add-ons give CC3+ more mapping muscle. For example, Dungeon Designer creates attractive floorplans and underground complexes. City Designer helps you lay out detailed urban areas. Dioramas prints fantastic card models, and Character Artist makes portraits and counters of your characters.

With the introduction of CC3+, we are updating all our add-ons so that they work with the new features - read ProFantasy in Transition to find out more.

Find out more about add-ons here..

CC3+ Symbol Sets

Our symbol sets offer you new styles of map-making and the flexibilty to use CC3+ for wider applications. Symbol Set 1 adds two new styles of overland map symbols, SS2 and SS4 give you more fantasy floorplan options, and SS3 is almost an add-on in itself - for modern mapping at any scale, it's a must.

Source Maps - Interactive Atlases

Our Source Maps series includes large collections of linked maps, combined with information, images and resources for CC3+. The software works stand-alone, or it can be combined with CC3+. With CC3+, the Source Maps series gives you the tools edit the existing maps or create new ones. Our next release in the Source Maps series will be Source Maps: Cities.

Fractal Terrains 3 - New Worlds at your Fingertips

Fractal Terrains 3 is developed for ProFantasy Software by Joseph Slayton. Like CC3+, Fractal Terrains 3 is an independent application. Like the add-ons, it works closely with CC3+. If you want to build entire worlds in seconds, or take real world maps then export them to CC3+, Fractal Terrains 3 is your tool.

More mapping for your money

If you want more than CC3+ at the outset, try our bundle deals. We've selected combinations of products that go together well, and given you a tasty discount. You can even get the whole shebang - all products in a single bundle. Find out more out bundles here.