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ProFantasy Store FAQ

Preorder questions

If you have pre-order questions not answered by this web site, please e-mail us or call one of the following numbers:

USA and Canada

Call 011-44-20-7738-8877
Mon-Fri, 10AM-6PM GMT (5AM-1PM Eastern Time Zone)

United Kingdom

Call 020 7738 8877
Mon-Fri, 10AM-6PM GMT


Call 0271 250 81 47
Mon-Fri, 10AM-6PM GMT+1


Call the UK on +44 20 7738 8877
Mon-Fri, 10AM-6PM GMT

Order processing - Online orders

When you place an online order with us, your details are collected by a Thawte registered secure server. This means that all data travelling to and from the server is protected by 128-bit encryption.

Once the order is complete the secure server shows your invoice and confirmation transaction ID. If you need to contact us about your order, it is very helpful if you can quote the transaction ID.

Order processing - All orders

Throughout the order process you can check the status of your order on the order page you reveived via email. If you ordered online and do not receive any confirmation messages, you should contact us to double-check the details you gave.

We authorise your card transaction at the time you place your order. This way you know immediately if we have any problems processing the card. Orders are normally shipped at the following 2pm GMT (8am Central Time), Monday to Friday. So, if you order on Friday at 5pm in America, your card transaction is normally authorized immediately and your order is shipped on Monday.

If you pay by Visa or Mastercard, the transaction will originate from ProFantasy Software and be charged in GB Pounds (Sterling). For orders priced in US$, we calculate the amount to charge in Pounds using the daily exchange rate published at, with a margin of 2 cents in your favour. This margin is to allow for exchange rate fluctuations.

General shipping information

The total time from order to delivery is usually between 5 and 14 days, depending on the time of ordering and the location of the delivery address. However, this delivery time is not a guarantee. Seasonal workloads and circumstances beyond our control may increase the delivery time. If your order has not arrived within 14 days, please let us know so we can check for problems.

Shipping information (US and Canada)

  • Orders to America and Canada are sent by US Mail from Milwaukee, WI. Your order tracking page will update as the order is sent, which is normally within 24 hours.

Shipping Information (All countries other than America and Canada)

  • Orders to countries other than the USA and Canada are sent by Air Mail from London, UK (1st Class post to UK). The normal transit time for these orders is 3-5 days for delivery to Europe, and 5-7 days to other countries.

Other ways to buy

If you want to pay by check/cheque or bank transfer in USD or GBP, please email us for details.