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ProFantasy Source Maps

What are Source Maps?

The Source Maps series are stand-alone collections of finely detail, beautiful maps, with hotspots to make them interactive. They include historical information and adventure material for roleplaying games. A PDF with all the floorplans is also included.

Source Maps are stand-alone

Source Maps include a powerful viewer which enables you to print the maps at any scale, even across many pages for miniatures. You can hide or show features, and zoom in with no loss of detail. You can search for specific maps and rapidly click between floors, external and 3D views.

Source Maps add to Campaign Cartographer

Source Maps also include additions for CC2 Pro or CC3 if you have them - new symbol catalogs, templates and drawing tools to create new maps, and change existing ones.

  • Source Maps: Castles offers twenty-five archetypal castle layouts with surroundings and 3D views. Based on floorplans of the historical castles with conjectural detail, the plans paint a complete picture of these fortifications in their heyday. SM:C also offers you drawings, oodles of historical detail and fantasy adventure material to use in your favourite RPG.
  • Source Maps: Temples, Tombs and Catacombs gives you twenty-five sacred sites from the majestic Great Pyramid to the prehistoric megaliths of Stonehenge, plus adventure material.
  • Source Maps: Cities includes 8 historical towns and cities, complete with a large variety of buildings floorplans found in those settlements. The historical background is extensive, adventure ideas plentiful and NPCs come with game stats for five different game systems, including d20.
  • The World War II Interactive Atlas is huge resource for wargamers and anyone interested in World War II. It includes date-driven information on every theatre, and a full set of NATO symbols.