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A new dimension in map making!

"You pick the lock and very slowly open the door. A huge hall stretches before you, its vaulted ceiling stretching into darkness … oh heck, just let me show you." You place a full-color, beautifully rendered, three-dimensional picture of the room before the players. They crowd around in awe, and as you continue your description, for the first time in all their role-playing experience, the players can actually SEE where they are.

This is what awaits when you create your next adventure using Perspectives Pro: complete three-dimensional pictures of every room in your palace, dungeon, pyramid, tavern or den of iniquity. Wherever your game takes you, Perspectives Pro can create incredibly realistic 3D representations of any room, directly from your floorplan!

Decorate your rooms from a huge array of fantasy symbols; create walls, solid shapes and floors at any angle; apply colour schemes that vary with the light direction; it’s so realistic you’ll think you’re really there! And the best part is that it’s so easy to do: you don’t have to labour for hours drawing a separate picture for each room, with Perspectives Pro you can create them in seconds. It simply doesn’t get any easier than this!

Perspectives Pro
Add a new dimension to your role-playing