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Master Mappers

The title of Master Mapper is bestowed rather than requested. We observe what goes on. We see what happens. There are thousands of excellent and active Campaign Cartographer mappers out there but, from time-to-time, one stands out from the rest. One is more deserving than the rest. One becomes a Master Mapper.

Master Mapper 2011

2011 : Jean-Michel Bravo

Jean-Michel is unusual even amongst Master Mappers for the breadth of his talent:

  • He creates beautiful maps.
  • He writes macros.
  • He develops new map-making techniques.
  • He supports the community forum.
  • And he even programmed an XP, the CC3 name for add-ons.

Read more and see samples of his work on the ProFantasy blog.

Master Mapper 2003

2003 : Allyn Bowker

Allyn's star shone out in 2003, and he shows no sign of letting up. He deserves the award for:

  • His innovative map-making
  • His assistance in helping other CC2 Pro users in creating maps
  • The excellent mapping resources at his Dark Leagues website

Master Mapper 2002

2002 : John Csaky

The tireless John Csaky has been a great boon to the CC2 Pro community for years and his efforts continue through to 2004. His contributions include:

  • The Symbol and Floorplan Challenges - an annual collection of users' contributions
  • Technical support, hints and tips on the CC2 Pro list.
  • His website full of CC2 tips, maps and symbols sets.

Master Mapper 2001

2001 : Chris Golden

In the face of stiff competition, Chris Golden was made Master Mapper 2001 in recognition of:

  • His XP development
  • His involvement in the excellent Harn mapping project.

Master Mapper 2000

2000 : Ralf Schemmann

Ralf Schemmann was given the title CC2 Master Mapper 2000 in recognition of:

  • His completely new and innovative mapping styles, made available to other users as templates.
  • The World of Jhendor, a beautiful online world, completely mapped in CC2.

Master Mapper 1999

1999 : L Lee Saunders

L Lee Saunders was given the title CC2 Master Mapper 1999 in recognition of:

  • Great mapping skills which have been used to create attractive maps as well as useful cartouches and symbol libraries for others.
  • Useful mapping suggestions both to CC2 Mail-listers and software suggestions to us, some of which have been or will be implemented.
  • Excellent symbol work for City Designer, both in the difficult task of replicating original work by a non-computer artist and in creating an attractive symbol catalog of his own.
  • Programming new fractal XP commands to work with CC2.

Master Mapper 1998

1998 : Lonny Eckert

Lonny Eckert was given the title CC2 Master Mapper 1998 in recognition of:

  • Organising a web-wide CC2 mapping project.
  • Designing a large number of heraldic devices as well as offering us advice on heraldry
  • Creating great maps (some of which are available in our download area)
  • Writing CC2 tutorials to help new users