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Holiday Offers

To celebrate the holiday season, this year we’ve got offers for new and for existing Campaign Cartographer map-makers.

The Festive Three Bundle

For new map-makers we have the Festive Three, a never-before seen bundle of Campaign Cartographer 3, Dungeon Designer 3 and City Designer 3. These are our three best-selling favourites and together they make it easy to create beautiful maps of where the game action happens. This bundle, which will only be available until 31st December, saves you 20%.

Cartographer's Annual 2013

For existing CC3 cartographers, until 20th December the 2013 Cartographer’s Annual is available for advance purchase at 10% off. Except in bundles, this short advance order period is the only time we ever discount annuals.

The 2013 Annual is our 7th. Customers tell us that each year has gone from strength to strength and we're confident that what we've got lined up for 2013 will make it our best yet. Take a look at some of the highlights from the 2012 Annual (now available as Volume 6) and grab this opportunity to get 2013's from the outset.

Downloads as a Gift

If you’re buying our software as a gift, boxed versions are available but download delivery can be an excellent choice, being very quick to deliver and every bit as much a gift.

This article on our blog explains more.