Working at ProFantasy

In my job I get to work with extremely talented people all over the world, bringing ideas to life. I love it.

ProFantasy's people are spread across five countries, linked by broadband and a desire to create great map-making products. To us, geographic location is relatively unimportant compared to ability and reliability. The skills we seek are cartography, design, role-playing and software development, preferably mixed generously.

If you'd like to work with ProFantasy and you think you can advance upon what we do, we are always interested. Let us know about yourself and we will gladly see if we can fit you in to our organisation.

Freelance Programmer

We are actively seeking a talented, creative, freelance C programmer who would enjoy developing and maintaining map-making tools for Campaign Cartographer. The successful applicant will:

  • know C really well.
  • have a good grounding in ASM and C++.
  • be comfortable with co-ordinate transformations.
  • have the depth of knowledge to understand our framework and how it interacts with Windows. For what we do, it's not online for copy and paste and trial and error isn't good enough.
  • work independently and reliably to deadlines.
  • really want to do this kind of work.

Although this is a freelance position, we are looking for a programmer who can commit to long-term availability for on-going projects.

To apply, please send us your CV.